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I am a wife to a great man ,mother to an amazing son, love my job & the clients, my friendships are a blessing ,Love my dogs,art ,the beach ,meditation, fashion.

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October 28, 2010

newtown , Connecticut 06470

January 31, 1964

Cancer Info

Thyroid Cancer

Hurthle cell carcinoma

September 11, 2010

Stage 4

over 6.1


how it hurts my loved ones ,the pain I see in there faces........

I can do anything

Just be there,love me tell I know what it is .

surgery etc...

Lymph nodes,lung Clavical

Cleaning Lady- LOL- Love & Hugs

MEmorial Sloan Kettering cancer center

talk about what goes on in your head & you cut it in half

weight gain,tired,high blood pressure.anxity, a lot of Dr. apt but thyroid came back ok,then sore throat,swelling in neck,hoarse voice.

nov,2010 300 units of radioactive iodine treatment


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